IKO comes to Asia

iko itcOcean Republic was the brain child of Rob Grimm, a windsurfing explorer and yacht captain. His vision was to bring the professionalism of the IKO to Asia in the infancy of the sport. In 2002 Rob formed Ocean Republic with local windsurf partners. He flew out one of the UK's only qualified IKO/BKSA instructors who began giving Asia's 1st IKO lessons on Bulabog Lagoon late that year. At the end of its 1st  season Ocean Republic with IKO Head Trainer & guru Neil Godbold hosted the 1st IKO Instructor Training Course in Asia. Wannabe instructors/ school owners from Thailand/ Vietnam and Indonesia attended. Even Boracay's own legendary Asian Champion Ken Nacor of Freestyle Academy was on the the very successful course that saw the seed sewn for the IKO in Asia. January 2004 saw the owners of Boracay's Hangin Kiteboarding, Isla Kite, Windpia, Alice, Habbaggat Kite, as well as Silvaplana in CH and Kiteschule in DE complete the ALL OWNERS IKO ITC course with us which then increased the understanding locally of the importance of managed/ structured lessons in a professional manner. Sadly many since forgot the importance's taught. 

New Era

2004 saw ex Aircraft Engineer and now keen kitesurfer Glen take over the management of the school and begin to grow the reputation of Boracay as a "must experience" kite destination. 2006 the school moved to larger premises due to rising popularity and a new alliance with Slingshot Kites and Nobile Boards. The next year with external  investment Ocean Republic saw the building of stylish accommodations overlooking the kite lagoon to accommodate the more discerning kitesurfing traveler.  

2008 sees another move to our current site and custom built premises as well as a tie in with Reef Retreat Resort ( a luxury boutique hotel situated behind the beach front school). Minor improvements each year keep us at least 1 step ahed of the crowd and we aim to keep progressing.

Next Chapter

December 2014 sadly saw the departure on Glen as a full time manager after 11 epic years at the helm, but he remains in the "boot room" for technical and safety advice so our standards are maintained to the highest degree. We wish him all the best on his new quest in New Zealand. Former key instructor Dmitry will begin his 1st year (hopefully 1st of many) running what is now an institution of kiting excellence in Asia.  He will divide his time between Boracay and his own school in Sri Lanka in the low season.  We are sure with his professional manner and attitude he has the skills to fill the empty boots. (He certainly has big enough feet).

What does 2015/16 bring. You'll have to come and see. Take a look at the deals in our shop and current promotions of accommodation ensuites and studios.

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