The 2016 Slingshot Turbine, tested by Ocean Republic Crew in Boracay

Those of us in the know have been privy to the secret of how good this kite is for a few years now and this seasons offering certainly doesn't disappoint, each year Slingshot have made slight improvements and tweaks to this model making the 2016 without question the ultimate light wind kitesurf kite.
The Turbine finally gives you the option of kitesurfing from 8 knots and having fun, it's not a big truck like most other big monsters out there performance wise this kite turns like any other 14m Delta.
This season we have introduced the Slingshot Turbine Into our Boracay kitesurf center for both lessons and rentals, the feedback from our customers has been amazing with everyone being blown away by how the kite performs and how it can really extend your Kitesurf sessions. The ease at which it relaunches compared to other models on the market point it as the easiest large kite for begineers to learn with.

Kitesurf School Review of 2016 Slingshot Turbine
For any Kitesurf school although a substantial expense this product really is a no brainier. The extra revenue you will create will more than cover the cost from being able to satisfy demand for both kitesurf lessons and rentals. In marginal conditions, keeping your customers happy, your instructors and your bank manager all at the same time. Let's face it as well in 8/10 knots in the right hands with professional tuition you will not destroy kites, so at the end of the season you will be left with a valuable commodity to retail. Our kitesurf instructors feedback has been great this season and they are super stoked to have it in the arsenal at Ocean Republic - Boracay. The main comments are its the first kite they have used for teaching in almost no wind where the students really enjoy the lessons and make great progression, it gives your students a little more time to think and is especially useful for those struggling to develop their board skills. For information on Kitesurf School Trade Packages please contact Glen for prices and order/ delivery times.


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