Weather on Boracay

Weather chartSeasonal Wind for Boracay (dry NE Monsoon)


Trade winds are found between the ITCZ Inter-tropical convergence zone and 30 degrees North or South of the Equator. They are strongest in the central areas such as Boracay (13N), which gives us amazingly reliable winds.

On a good HIGH season (Nov-Apr) we can not fly kites for only 5-10 days in total. 2012-13 is lining up to be a GOOD season due to the warm Pacific waters (El Nino). 3 years of La Nina have produced on off weeks with either little or very strong winds. Nino years have previously given rise to our most relaible trade winds.


The different coloured lines refer to the strength of wind (ie yellow 15-20knts) and how many days (left axis) per month on average we receive that range of trade wind.

Below the horizontal axis it shows the expected weather for that period. As an example you can see late December has the strongest winds but that its not a sunny period.

You will see from the graph that nearly every day of the month we can go kiteboarding.

LOW season June-Sept sees winds driven by regional weather patterns, depressions, storms and typhoons. These are spurious and can't be relied on for a kitesurfing holiday. Winds are very light if sunny and strong wind usually can be gusty and rainy. The wet SE monsoon winds offer kitesurfing on white beach which offers some surf for experienced riders and an obstacle for beginners. The shallow shelving beach offers average learning conditions. (expect to take a little longer to master riding). Our qualified local staff are available 365 days a year. 

Cloud chartPressure Zones in the Tropics and Subtropics

Low Pressure Zone

Inter-tropical Convergence zone (ITC)Image

Also known as Equatorial Trough or doldrums

It is a 10-12º band straddling the equator

It moves with the sun south of 0 in the dry season (Nov-Apr) producing stronger trades for Boracay and dry skies and north of 0 in the wet season (June-Sept) bringing lighter wetter winds.

This is an area of low pressure because of the intensity of solar radiation which heats the air

High Pressure Zone

A band about 30º north and south.

This area is known as the Horse Latitudes, characterized by calm and unstable, unsteady winds.

In the days of sailing ships, horses got sick at this point and were often thrown overboard.

Globe chartTrade Winds

Dependable winds moving from high pressure zone of horse lImageatitudes to the edge of the ITC.

They veer to the west because of the rotation of the earth, thus are easterly winds.

The trade winds dominate the tropics.

Winds blow 10-15 miles per hour, fairly steady 10 to 12ºN & 25ºS. Boracay sits 11.9N therefore perfectly placed for the NE trade winds.

Monsoon winds

Monsoon winds reverse themselves seasonally.

They are best developed in Western parts of oceans or eastern parts of continents, particularly Asia.

Monsoon is based on differential thermal heating and cooling of land areas creating zones of high and low pressure over land in differnet seasons.

Monsoon represents a great break in the general circulation of the atmosphere.

Therefore the Philippines sits in a roaring trade wind zone with monsoonal effects.

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