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For those with an IKO Level2 or equivalent level who are wanting to rent equipment we offer a up to date easy to use delta style kites. Choose from our selection of latest models 3m-14m Rally's, Z's and monster Turbines for light wind. Our carefully selected board range (25pcs +) has from beginner light wind specific to pro level and something for everyone in between. We offer top quality helmets and impact vests and predominantly use seat harnesses but also have waste harness for more experienced riders preferring this style. If conditions fail us during your session you might be charged for the hourly rate if its cheaper than the daily amount.

1 hour 1 day 2 days 3 days extra day 1 week
1750php 3150php 2900php 2650php 2400php 15500
€30 €60 €55 €50 €45 €290


slingshot rally 2015Kitesurfers choosing to visit Boracay can benefit from our legendary 5star beach service and storage. For just a little let us take the donkey work out of your vacation. Our compressor allows for easy inflation and beach crew will help you set up and launch/ land on what is a pretty tricky beach. If you forget to return after lunch our guys will pack up and store your gear in your storage area. Service Reviews. We have a stunning beach deck with loungers for your comfort to laze in the sun and watch the action on the lagoon. We have a coffee lounge and chill area which offers free tea and coffee and shade. 

 Service- Cleaned beach area, assistance setting up, launching & landing, equipment wash area, tea & coffee, shower, equipment washing area, chill zones. 

TimeServiceService + Storage
Daily 200 300
Weekly 1200 1800
Monthly 4000 6000

 50% discount for those buying kites or boards in our retail. Save on prices and save again on storage.

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